A few handy tips and tricks from our Poochy Ambassador Cliffy…

When you attach your DooLacky using the ball chain- Squeeze the joiner with pliers or another tool to lock the balls into place!


Lost your ball chain? Use something as simple as a cable tie to attach your DooLacky!

Need to put your dog in the car to go home but cant find a bin? Attach the DooLacky to your rear windscreen wiper with a cable tie! No smells in the car! 

Keep a spare DooLacky near your outdoor bins so you can add the bags as you go before the bins go out for collection! Minimise the smell in your bin!

Never be caught short! Put a spare roll of doggie doo waste bags into  clear bag and knot! Attach to your DooLacky!

Attach the DooLacky to your dog’s walking / treat bag! Always on hand when you’re our for walkies!

You can attach the DooLacky to your backpack if you’re hiking! Use a carabiner for easy on and off!

Prefer to take your DooLacky off the leash? Try a Carabiner! Find them at your local hardware store!

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